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MINI-Z Racing Details & Rules



Inside R/C Hobby Nook 

MINI-Z Racing Format & Rules

Rules: ​

  • The car used to qualify is the car that must be raced with. 

  • If the body breaks, the race director must be notified prior to utilizing another body. 

  • If a driver's car breaks during a heat and cannot be fixed before the main, the driver will be pushed down to the lowest main.

  • R/C Hobby Nook allows beginner drivers who only have 1 car to race in all 3 stock motor classes. Once the driver has improved their skills, they will be required to run the proper car. 

  • Scroll below to view vehicle class details.

NOTE: Track fee on race night is $10, to practice anyday but Saturday is $5

Stock Motor Championship Series

  • Last Saturday of every month during the season

  • The race consists of a 3, 4 and 5 minute qualifying heats. The drivers will pick cards before each qualifying round to determine in what heat they will be running.

  • After completion of the qualifying rounds, we will add the totals for each driver to determine the main they will be placed in.

  • The main will be 6 minutes

  • The winner of each main will receive a 8x10 plaque for their accomplishment.





We run a 3-minute Heat based on laps with the best overall time as a tie breaker to determine your overall placement in the final race (known as Main). Depending on finish time in the assigned Heat, racers may move up or down in the Main. For instance, if Driver 1 was in Heat C and completed 15 laps, whereas another racer in Heat A or B had 14 laps, Driver 1 would move up to either Main A or B depending on how the other drivers finished. 



We run a 4 minute Main to finish up each class. Drivers who enter the A-main will use store batteries. Before each race, the drivers must insert the batteries at the counter and go straight to the track with no pit stops. When the race is completed, drivers must go directly to the counter.



We utilize a sticker/token awards system to recognize top drivers. In the A-main, the top three drivers earn tokens, with different tokens for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Once you earn 15 tokens, you will receive a trophy, your name will be placed on a plaque, and you will be inducted into the R/C Hobby Nook Hall of Fame located in the Pit area.

The top three drivers in the other mains will earn stickers.

Vehicle Classes

Box Stock

ONLY changes allowed are wheels, wheel nuts, tires, and bodies.

ALL LM, MM, & RM cars are allowed 

Must Use: 

  1. Stock remote ​

  2. 6t pinion

  3. Stock motor (MZ9P) (White Can)

  4. No modifications to motor. Must keep capacitors and thermal cutoffs on.​

Stock boards MZ413 (blue wire), MZ414, or MZ414B (white wire)

NO EVO Boards​


  1. NO Lexan bodies are allowed, but lexan windows are allowed.​


  1. Dermal/filed bodies for adjustments to allow different offsets

  2. 3D printed wings

  3. Missing side mirrors, wings, lights, windows, etc.

NO King Pin flips.

Do not paint the springs.


4100kv Class

Equipment Used: 

Kyosho ball differential (MZW436 MM, RM / MZW308 LM)

Motor: Kyosho 4100kv (MZ606)

Pinion 10t (ex. PN400510)

Bodies: Same rules as Box Stock


Productions & Lemans Class

  • Can use up to a 98mm RWD vehicle for Production Class

  • Must use a 102mm RWD vehicle for Lemans Class

Equipment Used: 

  • Stock Motor (MZ9P) (White Can) 

  • Boards:

    • MZ413 (blue wire)​

    • MZ414/MZ414B (white wire) 

    • Evo Board (MZ601)

      • **ASF Boards might get interference​

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