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Drag Racing Details & Rules

Normal Location


Carolina Premium Outlets (Behind the outlets)

1025 Outlet Center Dr

Smithfield NC 27577

Big Events Location

2024 DATES (normal classes): July 13th & 14th, July 27th, October 5th & 6th

Smithfield-Selma High School 

700 M Durwood Stephenson Pkwy 

Smithfield NC 27577

Drag Racing Details for R/C Hobby Nook Point Series


  • First Infraction LOSES the race.

  • If racers cannot agree on a lane, a coin toss will decide. 

  • 5 Minute break between races. NO asking to move on to the next race.

*Rules are subject to change

Point Series: Friday Nights from April 5th-October 25th at 8pm

We are excited to announce two Point Series for the 2024 season: the Spring/Summer Point Series and the Summer/Fall Point Series. The Spring/Summer series will run from April 5th to July 12th, and the Summer/Fall series will run from July 19th to October 25th.

Points will be awarded as follows:

  • Signing up: 2 points

  • 3rd place: 4 points

  • 2nd place: 6 points

  • 1st place: 8 points

Rankings for the Spring/Summer Point Series will be updated on Facebook after the May 10th race. Rankings for the Summer/Fall Point Series will be updated on Facebook after the August 16th race.


Fees, Format, & Prizes

Track Fee + One Class: $15 

Each Additional Class: $5

Format: single run double elimination for all classes

Prizes: Plaques and towels will be awarded weekly. The top 3 drivers in each class will be given a trophy after the Point Series is completed.



The Tree will be setup as a Full or Pro Tree with lane widths 10-12 feet. 

Organizers will use a deck of cards to arrange drivers into a bracket.

  • If there are fewer than 14 vehicles, drivers who draw the same card will race against each other.

  • If there are 14 or more vehicles, drivers who draw one of the four face cards (Jack, Queen, King) will race against others with the same face card, divided by color. For example, if four Jacks are drawn, the two red Jacks will race each other, and the two black Jacks will race each other.

Vehicle Classes

Budget Street Eliminator Class (Dry Tire!)

NPRC Rules apply. 


  • Must use rubber tires

  • Must use a 2S Lipo battery

  • Any Street Eliminator body is allowed

  • No Gyro!

  • Can change shocks,springs, shock towers, body mounts, a-arms, bulkhead, axles, casters, knuckles, rear hub, slipper pads, gearing, turnbuckles, bearing, etc.



  • Stock Chassis from a Traxxas Slash/Drag

  • Losi 22s Drag 

  • Team Associated DR10 & DR10M 

  • Modifications are ONLY allowed for battery/straps

Remote (can mix and match. ex: using a TQI with DR10 electronics)

  • Traxxas: TQ or TQI

  • Associated DR10: XP120

  • Losi STX2 (SPMSTX200)

  • Losi 22s: SLT #3 (#SPMSLT300/350)

ESC/Motor (can mix and match. ex: using a Velineon VXL-3S in a DR10)

  • Traxxas: Velineon VXL-3S #3355R (3500kv)

  • Associated DR10: Reedy SC600BL (#29185), Reedy 540-SL4 Brushless Motor (3300kv)

  • Losi 22s: Spektrum Firma 100amp Smart ESC #SPMXSE1100​​​​

    •   Spectrum Firma 85amp Smart ESC #SPMXSE1085​

    • Spektrum 6500kv Motor #SPMXSM2800

  • NO alterations to factory motor/ESC

  • Can make battery cables & motor wires shorter



Budget Real Street Eliminator Class (Dry Tire!)

Same rules as Budget Street Eliminator Class EXCEPT: 

  • No Wheelie Bar


Budget ProStock Eliminator Class (Dry Tire!)

Same rules as Budget Street Eliminator Class EXCEPT: 

  • Can use any remote 

  • Can use a gyro

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